The world of online selling has become incredibly popular which makes it seem like the perfect choice for anyone that wants to start a business, but the one thing that you have to remember is that with that popularity comes a great deal of competition as well. When you want to start an online store the key is to stand out from your competitors and make customers notice you in order to gain the upper hand. For you to be able to do that, there are some key elements that your online store needs to have, and in this article we are going to share some of those with you.

Online support

One of the best ways for you to make sure that a customer will actually make a purchase is to offer them excellent online support. Guaranteeing things like troubleshooting after they make a purchase and consulting before they do so is one of the best and easiest ways for you to turn any potential customers into ones that will regularly return to your online store. It has been proven, over time, that the best and most useful type of online support that customers find the most helpful is a live chat that is available to them 24/7, but since this can cost a lot of money, if you cannot afford it make sure to have other types of online support, like email.


The one thing that every person has on them at any time of the day is a smartphone, so when you want to start an online store, making sure that the website is mobile- friendly is absolutely essential. If you are not convinced that this is something you need to invest in and take care off, then something that you should keep in mind before making that decision is the fact that mobile shopping accounted for 30% of all online purchases and it is even estimated that it will reach up to 45% of all ecommerce shopping by the year 2020. As you can see, that reason alone is enough for you to make sure your website can be reached on any kind of device that they customers want to use.

Always know what the competition is doing

A lot of people tend to not really pay attention to what their competition is up to, but that is one mistake that you should never make. Looking at our own number is great, but you should also make sure to keep an eye on how the competition is doing and the results they are getting with their chosen methods. This is most important when you see that they’re doing better than you are, in which case you need to have a detailed look at what they’re doing better. Look at their return policy and see if it’s a 30 or 60 day one, the shipping they offer and any other element that you think is giving them the upper hand. Once you see all of these elements you will be able to make improvements you your own online website and achieve the wanted results.

If you don’t find a way to stand out, then you risk falling behind and ultimately failing. Take these elements and implement them to your ecommerce and you will definitely be able to impress your customers and you will be sure that when you decide to star an online store, it will be a successful one.